Synthobolic – The First Anabolic Synthol Ever Created

Synthobolic by Muscle Labs USA was the first anabolic synthol posing oil ever developed.  If you’re serious about bodybuilding, there are some facts you will discover about why bodybuilders & powerlifters use it. Synthobolic isn’t for yor average gym-goer, it is for those who are very serious about pushing muscle growth to new limits.

Many people have questions about bodybuilding site enhancement oils, but the internet is so full of mis information. Read on for all the answers about legitimate muscle enhancing oils.  Synthobolic is a muscle site enhancement oil that professional bodybuilders use to improve muscle mass and definition. Serious non competing weightlifters are using it for quick and massive gains that are almost instantly noticeable. 

“What most people do not know is that Synthobolic does far more than just increase muscle mass and is often used for joint therapy and muscle recovery. This makes it a favorite among competing strongmen and powerlifters.”

The misconceptions about Synthobolic ™ abound in the popular media, and  quite popular in the bodybuilding circle as well. Images of deformed humans who abuse the Synthobolic products flood the internet.

Less informed athletes begin to assume  “typical users”. The fact is, Synthobolic ™, male models and professional level bodybuilders commonly use. Questions and answers aims to dispel some of the more common myths about Synthobolic ™.

Myth VS Facts

Myth: Synthobolic is an anabolic steroid.

Fact: Synthobolic not a drug and it will not cause you to fail a drug test. This is why it is so popular among competing athletes. In fact, Site enhancing oils usually contain safe ingredients in a formula of neutral lipids as well as benzyl alcohol as a sterilizing preservation agent.

Myth: Synthobolic remains in the muscle for 3 to 5 years.

Fact: Synthobolic has a half life of approximately 3 weeks in the muscle, and after 6-7 weeks, Synthobolic almost completely absorbed and eventually metabolized by the body. 

Myth: Synthobolic gains are not permanent.

Fact: When Synthobolic ™ used, in moderate amounts eg. up to a maximum of 3mL per day, with a proper training regimen, permanent gains obtained. Synthobolic stretches the muscle fascia, allowing for even greater muscle tissue growth. *Tip: The key to maximizing growth is by massaging the muscle after synthobolic it is applied.


Myth: Synthobolic works best on advanced / professional bodybuilders.

Fact: Synthobolic results seem more dramatic on less trained individuals. There is no reason why people new to bodybuilding cannot use Synthobolic. Competing bodybuilders are probably just more knowledgeable at dosing and massaging techniques.

Myth: Synthobolic will cause muscles to look deformed or unnatural.

Fact: If used to excess, yes, it will cause muscles to look bulky and not well toned. However, these are the extreme examples of misuse. When used correctly and in moderation, Synthobolic will assist in accelerating normal muscle growth that appears both natural and impressive. – Remember, every top level professional bodybuilder uses this. That in itself is proof that when used correctly you will have larger and more defined muscles.

Myth: Synthobolic is dangerous.

Fact: When used properly, Synthobolic is compltely safe. It produces dramatic anabolic results without interfering with hormones. However care needs taken when improperly administering, application is everything and makes the all the difference in the world in regards to final results.

Here are a few technical facts regarding Synthobolic use.

Muscle fiber stretching has been found to release insulin-like growth factor-1 and IGF-1 is a potent growth factor for skeletal muscle growth. Stretches the muscle fibers, this is another mechanism induces muscle growth.

Interestingly collagen also found to cause up to 5 times more IGF-1 released, enhancing total muscle growth. This may explain why “Synthobolic” the only SEO with added drug-free growth factors, is so popular in the professional bodybuilding community.

A common misconception is that site enhancement remains in the muscle tissue for years. This is not true.

Research suggests site enhancement oils would have a half life of approximately 3 weeks in the muscle, and after 6-8 weeks, the muscle enhancement oil would be completely absorbed by the body.

Scientific research is finding that fascia stretching can lead to hypertrophy. Which increase of muscle fiber size as well as the development of new growth of muscular fibers. This is of particular interest to those who use Synthobolic for muscle strength. While acting as a permanent stretch on the muscle. Recent evidence from several laboratories suggests strongly that fiber hyperplasia contributes to muscle mass increases. Increasing strength in adult animals and possibly human athletes.

In Summary, Science clearly proves:

#1 If used correctly: Synthobolic ™ Site Enhancement Oil is Safe.

#2 If used correctly and responsibly, the results are very natural looking and no one can tell that the muscle has been enhanced.

#3 There are legitimate health benefits.

#4 Synthobolic promotes an anabolic activity and will improve strength in the particular muscle region where it is being used.


WHERE TO BUY REAL Synthobolic™

Purchasing the highest quality product of real Synthobolic is of great importance when you are a professional or competing bodybuilder. You need to know that the product is effective, contains the proper blend, and is prepared in a pharmaceutical grade environment. The last thing you need is a product that is ineffective, or worst yet, contains a banned ingredient.

Synthobolic™ is the top selling brand of site enhancement oil. While among professional and competing bodybuilders worldwide. Once you try the formula, you will never go back to anything else. On the market for over 10 years, use what the pros use. Get the results you need to look in the best shape of your life!

The elite-sheen blend really brings out the deep muscle striations. Also vascularity in all muscle groups.

Legitimate Suppliers

The internet offers various brands of site enhancement oil, and choosing a high quality product can be difficult.

Buying direct from the manuifacturer assures you are getting a 100% legitimate product. While there are many counterfeit products being produced and sold, purchasing direct assures complete safety. Counterfeit products, arenot safe and not made within the same standards as a pharmaceutical grade site enhancement oil.

Proper use and Results with Synthobolic

With so many images on the internet of grossly over proportioned biceps, I felt it was time to show the amazing results that Synthobolic®, will produce with proper use. For some recreational weight lifters, this product is more of a “cosmetic enhancement”. The world is full of cosmetic enhancements such as tattoos, breast implants, and body piercings. Some bodybuilders have a tendency to go overboard, but when muscle site enhancement oils are correctly used, the results are simply awesome.