Synthol Reviews – What Are The Best (and Worst) Posing Oils

Synthol Review – Here is a compilation of the best, the worst, and everything in between.

Read on for honest synthol review. We review the best muscle enhancement oils, bad and discontinued site enhancement oils.

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Cosmostan 80/20 by Apex Pharmaceuticals Synthol Review – (DISCONTINUED)

Illegal  “Anabolic Synthol” Product Because It Contained Banned Ingredients

Once regarded as a high quality product, however, banned for sale in America due to the ingredients.

Manufactured by Apex Pharmaceuticals.

Cosmostan 80/20  supplied in a clear 100ml vial. The ingredients listed as the following;

Contents: 80% Medium-Chain Triglyceride (60/40) 10% Testosterone Propionate 50mg 5% Trenbolone Acetate 75 mg 5% Benzyl Alcohol & Lidocaine

Product Description (Provided By The Manufacturer)

Cosmostan, an intramuscular oil for cosmetic muscular enlargement and permanent muscle site growth. Also contains anabolic steroids. Injected deep into the belly of the muscle. The added collagen, designed to hold the swelling effects within the muscle giving longer lasting effects.

How to use Cosmostan

Site locating is no different than injecting into your glutes or quads. Some smaller muscle groups can be slightly more painful than larger muscle groups.

Once you are use to site injecting and gain more experience the fear of site locating injections will soon disappear, just like when you first gave yourself an IM shot, it simply becomes second nature after a while.

Needle Sizes for Site Enhancement Oil

The needle size will depend very much upon your overall muscle mass in the area you are site locating injections. As a rule you should use a blue needle (small gauge) for smaller muscle groups like biceps, triceps, calfs, delts and traps. A green needle (larger gauge)  used on larger muscle groups like quads and lats.

As a rule a lean 220lbs bodybuilder would use 2 – 3 ml per muscle group every 3 – 4 days over a 3 – 4 week period.

First timers advised to use 1ml per muscle group and increase the size of the injections once you feel more confident.

Remember if you inject 3 ml into your left bicep, etc you will need to use the same amount in your right bicep, etc otherwise you will have an uneven look to your physique.

*This information for informational/educational purposes only.

Cosmostan by Apex Pharmaceuticals. Another one recommended people don’t use. Containing anabolic steroids. Because  seo oil, a very long chain fatty acid. Wrapping itself around the steroid oil. Not allowing the steroid oil dissipated timely. The body not assimilates the steroid. Also, both steroids contained, esterified, absolutely zero effect on localized growth. All esterified steroids travel to the liver first.

Also, because the steroids contained, illegal in most places in the world and women cannot use it. On top of all this, also contains collagen. Previously mentioned, an extremely bad idea, collagen primary causes scar tissue, exactly avoided during seo use. I am not sure on pricing (never been interested in this product). Available from

Ergo-Pharm Synthol: Site Enhancement Oil by Ergo Medical Research Synthol Review

Ergo-Pharm site enhancement oil is a legitimate pharmaceutical manufacturer based in Belgium. While said to be a quality product , unfortunately it is not available in America.

The product listing o their website reads:
Synthol – Sterile, Non pyrogenic, pH-balanced

C8 triglycerides
C10 triglycerides
Benzyl alcohol

Muscle Site
Enhancement Oil

Unverified Resellers

Ergo-Pharm Synthol is also sold at 2 other websites, but not established if authorized resellers. – and –

Ergo Synthol Site Enhancement Oil  Product Description Synthol Review

Synthol is a non-anabolic drug used to locally increase muscle volume and give it perfect shape. The drug was developed by German chemist Chris Clark in the 1990s.  Especially common in professional sports before competitions. The name “synthol” occurs by analogy with the nuclear fusion reaction, however, this name was already patented, so later the site enhancement oi  began to be sold under the brand Pamp-and-Pose (Pump-N-Pose – “download and pose”). However, original site enhancement oi  is officially positioned as a pose oil with the wording “site enhancement oil” for unobstructed distribution.

Romario Dos Santos Alves, a 25-year-old amateur bodybuilder from Brazil, used synthol to increase muscle volume

The composition of synthol:

85% of the oil is medium chain triglycerides (Medium Chain Triglycerides), for example, caprylic acid in the Syntherol brand. Often used purified sesame and coconut oil.
7.5% lidocaine as a local anesthetic
7.5% benzyl alcohol as a preservative

Synthol, like formolbolone, contributes to a local increase in muscle volume at the injection site.

The manufacturers keep the composition of the original preparation in secret, however some information about it nevertheless leaks out and often serves as a support for the manufacturers of the counterfeit preparation. For example, Dan Ducain argued that in the analysis he found only fatty acids with 8-12 carbon atoms in the molecule, lidocaine and benzyl alcohol.

A possible mechanism of action includes an increase in the volume of fibers due to the absorption of oil into them or else the “flow” of fibers into the oil base, as well as local inflammation, which is accompanied by muscle swelling.


Synthol, administered in 4–8 weekly courses: first, 1 ml in the muscle with an interval of 3-5 days, then 2 ml, and so on, until the muscle continues to increase in volume.

According to the literature, synthol allows you to increase the girth of small muscles by 3-8 cm. It absorbs relatively slowly. However, some say that the main part of the drug is eliminated within a few months.


The use of synthol is accompanied by a number of serious side effects:

Fatty embolism of the lungs and brain, which can lead to pulmonary infarction and ischemic stroke
Nerve damage
Infectious complications
Sclerosing lipogranulomatosis of muscles, the formation of cysts and ulcers
Allergic reactions (vasculitis)
Aesthetic problems (muscle sagging)


Also, responses of athletes in the press also make it clear that the use of synthol makes training very difficult due to excessive swelling of the muscles. Because naturally, this leads to a reduction in the duration and intensity of classes. Also, unlikely a person whose hands pumped with something like silicone worked intensively.

Another aspect of the use of synthol is moral and ethical. While, the opinion of the repeated “Mr. Olympia” by Dorian Yates: “My attitude to synthol is the same as all implants. This is an attempt to improve the physique with cosmetic methods, avoiding the hard work that makes bodybuilding a real sport. As far as I understand, synthol does not improve the results but it only inflates and distorts the muscles. The strange, unnatural shape of the delta and the hilly triceps, now too often encountered in competitions. While manipulations with synthol and other implants not prohibited, bodybuilding risks losing that athletically appeal, which we all appreciate. ”

Pro Pose Synth-Oil Posing Oil Offered by Universal Supplements of Australia Synthol Review

Pro Pose Synth-Oil Not Sold In America

Synth-Oil appears a reliable product, however, manufactured in Australia.

The manufacturer provides the following contact information:

Phone: 02 4238 6972
Address: 12 Wentworth Street, Port Kembla, NSW, Australia 2505

Prop Pose Synth-Oil Was Previosly Avaialble From This Website

The website provided the following product description:

What does SYNTH-OIL (SYNTHOL) do?

Synthol is designed for those lacking a muscle group, be it biceps, triceps, deltoids, calves, quadriceps, pectorals and any other muscle group you can think of, and no matter what else you have tried to break through the plateau to make those stubborn muscle groups grow ,and still has not worked, well then Synth-Oil can very well be the answer!

What Is Synth-oil Used For

Synth-Oil is a Site Enhancing Oil (SEO), otherwise know as ‘synthol’. SEOs help a muscle to break past a plateau (sticking point) by helping the fascia of a muscle stretch.The fascia is the sheath of tissue that envelops a muscle. It is also the primary restrictive factor in muscle growth. The more flexible the fascia is, the quicker the muscle size will increase.

If you see top professional bodybuilders that have muscle gropus that ‘pop’, they have very flexible muscular fascias. When proper protocol is used on small muscle groups such as the arms, gains up to 3″ in 30 days are not uncommon, and if proper protocol is followed, the size will become permanent. Synth-Oil aka synthol is the reason why current top level bodybuilding competitors have achieved muscle size of which was previously unimaginable.

What Muscle Groups Does Posing Oil Work Best On ?

Posing oils (Synth-Oil) can be used for ANY lagging body part, not just the ones displayed. Individuals should do there own research on how to properly use Site Enhancing Oils. There is a plethora of information freely available online about how to achieve maximum results from such oils. Users can expect to see lasting results for up to three months after each application, and permanent gains as a result of the fascia stretching.

*Authentic Distributor – Pharmaceutical Grade – Free Shipping – Limited Offer

SyntholMax (Sintol) by Umbrella Labs Synthol Review

Product Details Provided By:

SYNTHOLMAX Pump & Posing Oil . What is it ?

SyntholMax (Sintol) is in great demand among the vast majority of IFBB bodybuilders and ordinary bodybuilders around the world. We would call it the “muscle corrector.” Particularly popular in the United States and is increasingly beginning to be in demand among athletes from Russia and the CIS countries.

SyntholMax is designed according to a unique formula, which contains a mixture of fatty acids and other specially selected components to achieve a better aesthetic effect. Manufactured by professional pharmacologists in the laboratory, which makes this product sterile and completely safe. Absolutely legal and does not contain any prohibited substances!

How This Posing Oil Works

As a rule, the product is used by athletes several months before the competition. Sintolmax stretches the muscle fascia, as a result of which the total muscle volume noticeably increases for a long period. An increase in the muscle peak (especially the biceps) is also observed. If genetics did not make you a happy owner of the biceps with a pronounced peak, then SytholMax will fix it.

Places stretching the muscle fascia overgrown with muscle tissue. And in combination with AAS and good nutrition, this process is faster and more qualitative. Synthol makes it possible to tighten the lagging muscles, make them more “juicy”, correct symmetry, give complete muscle, and for small muscle groups is just a find!

Why not replace Syntholmax with good old steroid ?

First, the use of conventional injectable steroids will not give such an effect as Sintolmax, because steroids are made on ordinary peanut oil, which does not provide high-quality expansion of muscle fibers.

Secondly, the use of injectable steroids for the purpose of local muscle growth is not a very profitable occupation, since the average price of a 10 ml bottle is about $ 20-25.

Third, you get a huge overdose of hormonal drugs, which is fraught with serious negative consequences for the body! Well, in four, in addition to everything, you will get unpleasant pain from injections.

It is worth remembering that each thing is designed for its specific purpose and must be used wisely.

What is the difference from others?

Sintolmaks was created by experienced specialists in the Umbrella Laboratories. Ltd “in aseptic conditions, in compliance with all sanitary rules and regulations, quality control. Sintolmaks was successfully tested on athletes, showing excellent results: a pronounced increase in muscle peak and an increase in overall muscle size. And the democratic price of Sintolmax makes the adjustment of your muscles accessible.

What about synthol-freaks?

We all saw pictures of the so-called “synthol victims”. The ugly, swollen parts of the body of these pseudo-athletes testify, to put it mildly, to the ignorant and fanatical use of synthol. This is really a victim. But not synthol, and his madness. After all, they have synthol in the body more than their own blood!

Look at the shoulders and arms of Flex Wheeler, Marcus Rule, Jay Cutler … and you will immediately understand what it means to use correctly. Rich Piana, of course, already too carried away, but nevertheless, his appearance evokes perfection-even in death.

When used correctly, synthol is surprisingly the safest bodybuilding tool. Yes, together with Sintolmaks an athlete will achieve such a result, which is simply impossible to achieve with the help of training, but this does not at all mean that they can replace training!

EsikClean by Zoe labs Synthol Review

Legitimate EsikClean Only if purchased at or

EsikClean – same formula as synthol, but it has collagen added. That makes it a very bad choice to use in my opinion. When you use site oils, the biggest problem is the formation of scar tissue. You don’t want any scar tissue build up when you use site oils.

Plus these are the people that counterfeited Chris Clark’s PnP and Synthetek‘s Syntherol, so one wonders how ‘genuine’ they are.


Fake Synthol Review- EsikClean Posing Oil on

The packaging looks good. Clearly they spent extra for packaging, but the product lacks real ingredients. “REAL” esikclean can be seen at and

The FAKE is being sold at

This counterfeiting ring sells knockoff of all of their products. Here is a list of stores that were LEGALLY shutdown due to counterfeiting.










EsikClean Muscle Site Enhancement Oil

EsikClean has been n the market for many years. Although it may not be as highly reviewed as Synthol 877 or Syntholbolic, it is a legitimate product.  You can buy the legitimate EsikClean from 2 know sources.

Fake Synthol by (Counterfeit Look-alike) Synthol Review

Fake synthol on amazon., not allow selling of synthol oil. While if seeing synthol on amazon, rest assured, a fake. However, best places to purchase synthol, or Seller of the top Synthol 877 brand.

Precise ingredients in Synthol™ site enhancement oils, a well guarded secret. Because Synthrol 877 formulation, in a league own. Synthol 877 product contains a unique proprietary blend of ingredients that CANNOT DUPLICATED. Regular users of site enhancement oils,very clear about the different results they receive from each brand. Because bodybuilders know Synthol 877 works best, so tending to stick to 1 specific brand.

*AUTHENTIC Synthol 877  can be seen at

List Of Fake Synthol Being Distributed By

The sellers below are the currently reported counterfeiters of Synthol products.

*Sellers 1-6 are in fact the same individual.










11. has recently changed  his ebay seller id to;





Synthol Sold On Are All Counterfeit

The products seen here are are sold by conterfeiters.

The synthol oil products sold on amazon looked identical to the real Synthol 877 product, but they are fakes.

The authentic Synthol 877, purchased directly from the manufacturer at You can also verify the legitimacy of your product by going to

Note that “blind nutrition” was associated with “us-supplements”. Us-Supplements has been a repeat counterfeiter for years. They were banned from eBay entirely.

Currently, counterfeiting ring sold knockoffs of all of bodybuilding products on ebay, but ebay did eventually ban them. Here is a list of ebay stores that were LEGALLY shutdown due to counterfeiting.

Finally, legitimately branded products seen at There only 1 AUTHORIZED seller on ebay. All versions offered on Amazon are knock-offs.

Elite Syntol Synthol Review- Discontinued

Elite Syntol developed by BIOMAS Pharmaceuticals Industries. Established at the start of 2007.
From a beginning, heavily focused on providing bodybuilding and fitness nutritional products that do work, the company has now positioned itself as the fastest growing nutritional supplement company in the world.

BIOMAS Pharmaceuticals Synthol Review

BIOMAS Pharmaceuticals Industries quickly established a reputation of trust among bodybuilding and fitness circles, as a company that offers high quality, ‘unique’ synthol products that deliver visible results.

While the company’s fantastic growth and product success emphasised by the fact that in this short time span. Also implemented distribution networks across 8 countries. While products highly sought after by bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts, the world over.

Finally, he company is aggressively marketing its products in numerous bodybuilding and fitness publications across the world, sponsoring competitions, intensive internet marketing and issuing sponsorship contracts to leading professional bodybuilders.