Gregg Valentino – The Man Whose Arms Exploded

The Original “Synthol King” Gregg Valentino

Gregg Valentino is a famous bodybuilding athlete, fitness and nutrition specialist, and media personality, who has appeared in many movies and top TV shows, including Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show”, Carson Daly’s “Last Call”, The Tyra Banks Show, and Fox Business News “Happy Hour”, to name a few.  He is the author of two bestselling books and over 500 fitness-magazine articles.

Before Fame

Valentino began bodybuilding at the age of 13. By his late teens, he already had 18-inch biceps. While training naturally for most of his life, Valentino decided to experiment with steroids.

By using drugs, he changed his 21-inch biceps into 28-inch arms. Keep in mind that Gregg only stand 5′ 5″ tall ! Needless to say, he was very muscular before he ever even started using synthol site enhancement oil.

Gregg Valentino – Where is he today?

He is currently the managing editor of MuscleSport Magazine, which is available as both a printed and online magazine. He is also the co-host of the MuscleSport Magazine Radio Show.

In the course of his career, he has built from scratch, owned, staffed, operated and managed three gyms in Westchester County, New York, and has also consulted in the construction, operation and staffing of six other gyms.

Furthermore, he is a Scientific Management of Anatomic and Responsive Training (S.M.A.R.T.) certified personal trainer and has been a fitness instructor since 1982.

How Did Gregg Valentino Become Famous ?

Just like every industry or subculture, bodybuilding has it’s share of freaks. Boxing has Mike Tyson, music has Michael Jackson, pro football has rapists and drug dealers, the world of business has Enron, and bodybuilding hasd Gregg Valentino.

He was an already massive ripped and shredded bodybuilder –  but that was not enough. He went after to to claim his throne as the “King of Synthol“, and he delivered. Within 1 year he had claimed he held a spot in the Guinness Book of Word Records for “The Largest Biceps IN The World“. Does he represent what bodybuilding is about and are all bodybuilders like Gregg Valentino? Of course not.

So why would we want to interview him? Well, like it or not, Gregg has the biggest arms the world has ever seen. Bodybuilding is about muscle. People want to learn about the freaks. In other words, enquiring minds want to know.

Synthol King-The Most Disliked Man In Bodybuilding

Greg was not a liked man. In fact, he was quite possibly the most despised man in bodybuilding. Mention his name on an internet forum and this is what you’ll hear: “Why would he destroy his body with a product like that?” “Does he think he looks good?” “Who does he think he’s fooling?” “He’s a laughingstock.” “An idiot.” “An embarrassment to the sport.” “He gives bodybuilding a bad name.” The fact is, Gregg took all of this bad publicity and used it to his advantage. He no longer  uses the Pump n’ Pose. Today he is live and well still working in the bodybulding community.

Despite his infamy, Gregg is way more than just one incident. Love him or hate him – there’s no denying that he is a force to be reckoned with.  His story is more complex and deeply rooted in the sport of bodybuilding than most would imagine.

What was the secret product used by 3 of the most recent world record holders ?

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