Synthol Danger

Counterfeit Synthol on

Fake Synthol EsikClean Posing Oil on The packaging looks good. Clearly they spent extra for packaging, but the product lacks r eal ingredients. “REAL” esikclean can be seen at and The FAKE is being sold at This counterfeiting ring sells knockoff of all of their products. Here is a list of …

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Synthol Danger

US-Supplements Posing Oils

Fake Synthol by (Counterfeit Look-alike) The product on the right is REAL (see at The product to the left is a fake look alike. List Of Fake Synthol Being Distributed By The sellers below are the currently reported counterfeiters of Synthol products. He now sells Synthol primarily on Amazon at …

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Elite Syntol by Biomas

Elite Syntol By Biomas

Elite Syntol Has Been Discontinued Elite Syntol was developed by BIOMAS Pharmaceuticals Industries. This company was established at the start of 2007. From a beginning, heavily focused on providing bodybuilding and fitness nutritional products that do work, the company has now positioned itself as the fastest growing nutritional supplement company in the world. BIOMAS Pharmaceuticals …

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Muscular Development Synthol

Gregg Valentino – The Synthol King of Massive Muscle

The Original “Synthol King” Gregg Valentino Gregg Valentino is a famous bodybuilding athlete, fitness and nutrition specialist, and media personality, who has appeared in many movies and top TV shows, including Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show”, Carson Daly’s “Last Call”, The Tyra Banks Show, and Fox Business News “Happy Hour”, to name a few.  He is …

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Synthol Results

The quickest way to see results is: 1ml per muscle daily for 10 days 2ml per muscle daily for 10 days 3ml per muscle daily for 10 days. when I say per muscle it means per muscle head. if it’s the biceps – then 1ml per inner and 1ml per outer, etc. If you do …

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