It has been confirmed that the individual in the video above was injecting food grade vegetable oil into his arms as a means of body modification. Although a risky endeavor, he probably would not have had any issues if he would not have gone to such absurd extremes. In comparison, eye tattoos are far more dangerous, and can lead to instant blindness and extreme infection.


Proper Muscle Site Enhancement Use

Using site enhancement oils correctly, delivers the very same result that is does for every single top level competing bodybuilder  – Perfect Symmetry.

Once applied, take the time to deeply massage the oil into the muscle. End results always a well fully developed muscle. It is best used on abs, biceps, deltoids, and calf muscles.

synthol video

The image above depicts a typical site enhancement oil result when used correctly. You can see the well rounded, fully developed muscles.

Not waiting for years before you start seeing results, result are almost immediately, within a couple of weeks if proper dosage are taken. You will start seeing your biceps muscle, triceps muscle and calve grow amazingly.

Lastly its usage is very simple, and also you will always get compliments form people, win championships, and also make people drop their weights in the gym whenever you show up.