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SYNTHOLMAX Pump & Posing Oil . What is it ?

SyntholMax (Sintol) is in great demand among the vast majority of IFBB bodybuilders and ordinary bodybuilders around the world. We would call it the “muscle corrector.” Particularly popular in the United States and is increasingly beginning to be in demand among athletes from Russia and the CIS countries.

SyntholMax is designed according to a unique formula, which contains a mixture of fatty acids and other specially selected components to achieve a better aesthetic effect. Syntholmax is manufactured by professional pharmacologists in the laboratory, which makes this product sterile and completely safe. Syntholmax is absolutely legal and does not contain any prohibited substances!

How This Posing Oil Works

As a rule, the product is used by athletes several months before the competition. Sintolmax stretches the muscle fascia, as a result of which the total muscle volume noticeably increases for a long period. An increase in the muscle peak (especially the biceps) is also observed. If genetics did not make you a happy owner of the biceps with a pronounced peak, then SytholMax will fix it. Places stretching the muscle fascia overgrown with muscle tissue. And in combination with AAS and good nutrition, this process is faster and more qualitative. Synthol makes it possible to tighten the lagging muscles, make them more “juicy”, correct symmetry, give complete muscle, and for small muscle groups is just a find!

Why not replace Syntholmax with good old steroid ?

First, the use of conventional injectable steroids will not give such an effect as Sintolmax, because steroids are made on ordinary peanut oil, which does not provide high-quality expansion of muscle fibers. Secondly, the use of injectable steroids for the purpose of local muscle growth is not a very profitable occupation, since the average price of a 10 ml bottle is about $ 20-25. Third, you get a huge overdose of hormonal drugs, which is fraught with serious negative consequences for the body! Well, in four, in addition to everything, you will get unpleasant pain from injections.

It is worth remembering that each thing is designed for its specific purpose and must be used wisely.

What is the difference from others?

Sintolmaks was created by experienced specialists in the Umbrella Laboratories. Ltd “in aseptic conditions, in compliance with all sanitary rules and regulations, quality control. Sintolmaks was successfully tested on athletes, showing excellent results: a pronounced increase in muscle peak and an increase in overall muscle size. And the democratic price of Sintolmax makes the adjustment of your muscles accessible.

what about synthol-freaks?

We all saw pictures of the so-called “synthol victims”. The ugly, swollen parts of the body of these pseudo-athletes testify, to put it mildly, to the ignorant and fanatical use of synthol. This is really a victim. But not synthol, and his madness. After all, they have synthol in the body more than their own blood!

Look at the shoulders and arms of Flex Wheeler, Marcus Rule, Jay Cutler … and you will immediately understand what it means to use correctly. Rich Piana, of course, is already too carried away, but nevertheless, his appearance evokes perfection!

When used correctly, synthol is surprisingly the safest bodybuilding tool. Yes, together with Sintolmaks an athlete will achieve such a result, which is simply impossible to achieve with the help of training, but this does not at all mean that they can replace training!