Synthol Results

The quickest way to see results is:

1ml per muscle daily for 10 days
2ml per muscle daily for 10 days
3ml per muscle daily for 10 days.

when I say per muscle it means per muscle head. if it’s the biceps – then 1ml per inner and 1ml per outer, etc.

If you do only biceps, that’s 240ml.
If you add triceps, that’s another 360ml (if you do all three heads, although most people don’t need to do the horseshoe).

So for both, it’s 6 bottles. You need another bottle so you can do 3ml per head once a week for a couple of months after it’s over.

At the end of the thing, the gains will be permanent. The most I know of someone gaining using this regime was 3.5″ in the first 4 weeks, then the folowing was maintance. He kept almost 3″ of it, even now a year later. Most people gain 2 to 3 inches if they do both bis and tris and they do keep the gains.

It’s just like doing any other gear – you have to plan it and do it properly to get the desired results.

Synthol demolishes muscle
Synthol is not a novelty anymore. For years, some bodybuilders apply this proprietary mixture of oil,lidocaine,benzyl alcohol and non-hormonal growth factors in the muscle groups that they find that they are not growing fast enough. Surgeons are beginning to notice the long term consequences of the Syntholrage. And they are unpalatable.
DELTOIDS – just apply straight into whatever head is lacking in size.

CALVES – Natural calves, no matter how big they are, have a `flat’ look. So you want to keep that look, you don’t want to have your calves looking round like someone stuck an air hose in there. So, you apply in multiple shots, on the outside edges of the muscle. That will make the calf go outwards, while keeping the flat, natural look.

QUADS – With muscles this large, you need to do multiple daily applyions. Where in the biceps you use 1ml per head per day to begin with, on quads you need to start with 1ml per site, 7 sites per quad. That is to avoid the `lumpy’ look and keep the quad uniform. Again, to keep the natural look of the thigh, you should apply in the `peak’ of the outer quad, applying along the crest. If the teardrop is lacking, then just apply straight into it, rotating sites daily. We don’t recommend quad shots, especially teardrop, due to the very high amount of nerves in the area.

PECS – pecs are a very large, ‘flat’ type of muscle. As such, the applyions have to cover the entire area of the muscle, to ‘lift’ it at the same time, otherwise a lumpy look will result. We recommend three rows of three shots per pec per day.

We strongly recommend that you get some anatomy charts and study the muscles and the nerves that are in the area that you want to apply.

How do SEOs work? To begin with, they do not stay in the muscle for 3 to 5 years. They get dissipated within months. However, during this time, they have stretched the fascia of that muscle. The fascia is a great constrictive factor in muscle growth. The more stretched the fascia is the more the muscle will grow and the more it will have that `popping’ look. SEOs stay in there long enough for the fascia to stretch. As they dissipate, the `space’ left by them is replaced with new muscle tissue growth. That is the reason why when x-rays/MRIs where performed on some of the people that have 25″+ arms, there was no oil found in there. The oil dissipated and it was replaced by real muscle.
The principle is the same as the one behind site shots with steroids, but it works in a much larger degree, because the SEOs take that much longer to dissipate.
This is the same principle behind fascial stretching. However, it is much more efficient with SEOs. Best example is to imagine a baloon. You can pull on it and stretch it as much as you want, and you will stretch it a bit. But if you fill it with a liquid, you will be able to stretch it to a much larger degree than just pulling on it from the outside. This is the best way to compare the efficiency of fascial stretching versus using Site Oils.

Pain – obviously, any site shot hurts. The pain will minimise the more you apply, until it will not hurt any more. Site Oils hurt, but not as much as site applyions with, lets say, Sustanon or Testosterone Propionate. However, as I said, they will hurt less and less the more you use them.

Dangers – Site Oils are safe, if certain precautions are taken, same as when applying anything else. You always have to aspirate. Always! You DO NOT want the oil to go in a vein. Always massage the area after the shot so scar tissue build up doesn’t occur. And most importantly – USE COMMON SENSE! If you have 16″ arms, don’t think that you will have 23″ in 5 weeks! Because if you try that, you will end up with deformed looking muscles and you will be the laughing stock of the world. On a side note, people like Greg Valentino have implants, not SEO’s in their muscles. It is physiologically impossible to look like these guys do with SEOs. Hopefully that puts that myth to rest.

SolidSynthol is here to help you break past a plateau. If your genetics indicate that you are 242Lbs with 5% bodyfat, but you only have 18″ arms, then SolidSynthol will help you bring your arms in proportion.