Synthol™ (Synthrol 877 Formula) is a site enhancement oil that bodybuilders and weightlifters are using for quick and massive gains that are almost instantly noticeable. It’s the newest trend that has gotten aot of controversy.

The Misconceptions about Synthrol 877™ abound in the popular media, and they are quite popular in the bodybuilding circle as well. Images of deformed humans who mis-use the synthol products flood the internet.Less informed athletes begin to assume this to be the “typical users”. The fact is, Synthrol 877™ is commonly used by male models and Professional level bodybuilders. This articles aims to dispel some of the more common myths about Synthrol 877™.

Myth: Synthol is a steroid.

Fact: Site enhancement oils are NOT a steroid at all. In fact, Site enhancing oils usually contain FDA dietary supplement / pharmaceutical grade ingredients in a formula of neutral lipids as well as benzyl alcohol as a sterilizing preservation agent. – The exact blend is proprietary and strongly guarded secret.

Myth: Synthol remains in the muscle for 3 to 5 years.

Fact: Synthol has a half life of approximately 3 weeks in the muscle, and after 6-7 weeks, Synthrol would be almost completely absorbed by the body.

Myth: Synthol gains are not permanent.

Fact: When Synthrol 877™ is used, in moderate amounts eg. up to a maximum of 3mL per day, with a proper training regimen, the gains obtained are permanent. Synthol stretches the muscle fascia, allowing for greater muscle tissue growth.

Myth: Synthrol should only be used by advanced / professional bodybuilders.

Fact: Synthrol results are more dramatic on less trained individuals. There is no reason why people new to bodybuilding cannot use Synthrol.

Myth: Synthrol will cause muscles to look like “bags of oil”

Fact: If used to excess, yes, it will cause muscles to look smooth and if abused it will cause the muscle to look like a “bag of oil”. However, these are the extreme examples. Used correctly and in moderation, Synthrol will assist in accelerating normal muscle growth that appears both natural and impressive.

Myth: Synthrol is dangerous.

Fact: When used properly, Synthrol is quite safe. It produces dramatic anabolic results without interfering with hormones. However care should be taken when improperly administering, application is everything and makes the all the difference in the world in regards to final results.

Here are a few technical facts regarding Synthrol use.
Muscle fiber stretching has been found to release insulin-like growth factor-1 and IGF-1 is a potent growth factor for skeletal muscle growth. As Synthrol also stretches the muscle fibers, this is another mechanism by which Synthrol induces muscle growth. Interestingly collagen was also found to cause up to 5 times more IGF-1 to be released, enhancing total muscle growth. This may explain why “Synthrol” the only SEO with added collagen, is so popular in the bodybuilding community.

A common misconception is that Synrthol remains in the muscle tissue for years. This is not true.
Research suggests that Synthrol would have a half life of approximately 3 weeks in the muscle, and after 6-8 weeks, the Synthrol would be completely absorbed by the body.

Scientific research is finding that fascia stretching can lead to hypertrophy which increase of muscle fibre size as well as the development of new growth of muscular fibres. This is of particular interest to those who use Synthrol for muscle strength, as it acts as a permanent stretch on the muscle. Recent evidence from several laboratories suggests strongly that fiber hyperplasia contributes to muscle mass increases and strength in adult animals and possibly human athletes.

In Summary, Science clearly proves:

#1 If used correctly: Synthrol 877™ Site Enhancement Oil is Safe.
#2 If used correctly and responsibly, the results are very natural looking and no one can tell that the muscle has been enhanced.
#3 There are legitimate health benefits.
#4 Synthrol promotes an anabolic activity and will improve strength in the particular muscle region where it is being used.

The Lost Interview – “RX MUSCLE Magazine”

About Synthol aka SynthosiZZE HP aka Pump n Pose

Rx: How did you get started in bodybuilding?

Chris Clark: How did I get started in bodybuilding…. well… having been
involved in martial arts early in my life, and NOT the usual German Soccer-crazed kind of
guy, I got involved in bodybuilding by coincidence. One night I was out for a
few beers in town and I stumbled across a small gym. Drunk as I was, I decided
to go to the place next day to sign up. You need to understand, that was in the
late 70’s and bodybuilders were all “fags”, so it really took a lot
of guts to enter one of these “butt-parlours” and sign up without risking
becoming gay yourself. I mean country-side-Germany in the late 70’s was a real trip. People
around me couldn’t understand that I kept my girlfriend after joining one of
these supposed gay-pick-ups. To this day, I have to admit, I have not turned
gay! Haha

Rx: Did you compete? How far did you go?

CC: As a matter of fact, I did compete once. It was an international German
championship– a qualifier for the German’s in Munich. I was placed 3rd in the
90-KG class and, then, I was disqualified for some reason. Strangely enough,
when I started bodybuilding, I was 21 years old and weight in at a desert-dry 108 pounds.
Four years later I had to diet down to 90 kg/198 pounds because I was afraid to start in
the heavyweights. Right from the start I got involved with steroids and by my
addictive nature quickly made me a “name” as someone “in the know”.
That’s perhaps the main reason for the disqualification at this contest. After this
one gig, I decided not to compete anymore because I was told that, in case of
testing, I’d ALWAYS be positive no matter what. That is how my competitive
career ended before it even started.

Rx: In the bodybuilding world, you are known as “Mr. Synthol”—why do
they call you that?

CC: The nickname “Mr Synthol” was actually given to me by the British
bodybuilding-press. I was invited to come over to England by John Citrone, one
of the best bodybuilders of the past, the present, and perhaps, despite his age
of well above 60, still a threat to all upcoming youngsters.
Mr. Citrone is one
of very few people I could idolize in this sport, even though I rarely idolize
people at all. I idolize people for their intellectual makeup more so than for
their physiques.
I never, not even at the beginning of my
“bodybuilding-career”, idolized Arnold Schwarzenegger for his physique —
always for his intelligence. You know, when I started bodybuilding it was believed that all
bodybuilders MUST BE stupid. When I then found out, for instance, that
Mr.”Governator” was already making millions before people even could pronounce
his name, I almost went for a total brain-amputation. During my stay with Mr.
Citrone, a young man interviewed me by the name of Mark Parsons, who published
the interview under the headline “Mr Synthol Speaks”. That’s how I got
this nickname, which became my trademark.

Rx: Where did you get the idea to create Synthol?

CC: Ok, you really want to know exactly WHERE I got the idea to create Synthol?
I mean we are “The Hardcore Holy Grail of Bodybuilding Truth”, aren’t
we? I was trying to think up a replacement for the original Esiclene (formebolone) from
Italy, a steroid that was very popular in the 80’s for site-enhancement. It is
true, when I got notice from Italy that Esiclene was out of production, I
started thinking about some replacement. The fact that I found something that
is far superior to Esiclene and many other steroids commonly used for site
enhancement is also old news.

RX: What process did you have to go through to perfect the formulation and to
get the best results?

CC: This one is a long story. At first, I had to search for the right base
product for my idea. Since I was always my own lab rat, I went through some
pretty heavy setbacks such as infections in various body parts
(at one point,
some doctor in Morocco thought the only way to save my life was by amputating
my right lower leg). At this time, I was experimenting with sterilized sesame
. This is a practise many self-proclaimed “supermen” still do.
Trust me, it’s very dangerous!
The strange fact about this trial was that I used the stuff only in my calves, but
I came down with infections ALL OVER my body,
(including my shoulders). The most dangerous thing that ever happened to me was
coming down with a lung embolism. But this had, just like in Milos’ case,
NOTHING to do with the product, but only with wrong application technique. I could
go on forever, but this would go far beyond the scope of this interview, so
let’s stay with Julius Cesar, “Vene, Vidi, Vici”, (He came, saw and

Rx: I think all of our readers would love to know exactly what ingredients are
used to fabricate Synthol?

CC: Well Dave, it’s not only our readers that would like to know exactly WHAT
ingredients I use to fabricate P+P. There are a thousand and one counterfeit
copycat-rats who’d like to know exactly what the hell I really use. You have to
understand that I will punk out on this question.

Rx: Why does your original product work so much better than all the other
“copycats” out there?

CC: I have a solid 10 years of research with literally uncountable thousands of
athletes under my belt, which, on their behalf, provided me with all kinds of
useful information. Secondly, copying my product is not a problem. Every idiot
could go ahead and take a bottle, fill in some dunk, put a label on it saying
“Synthol” or whatever. But that’s just a counterfeit/copycat, which has
nothing to do with the original. You need to know WHAT the hell you are
doing when MAKING the product. You have to understand all the biological and
biochemical pathways by which such a product could be used up by the body. And
you MUST know what happens inside of your muscles and your body, in general.
must start with the foods you eat, the hormonal changes your body induces by
ingesting different substances, and the enzymatic changes that take place with
whatever you do. Bodybuilding is MUCH more than just throwing around some
weights, popping some pills, stabbing your butt with a different dart every
day, and chewing down a cow and an apple along with 2 gallons of water a day.
This might work for one particular guy, but let’s be honest Dave, where would
YOU be without your outstanding intellect today?
Damn sure not where you are
now, in front of me, being my BOSS. I have to admit, I’m thinking about this
for the first time, and it does bother me somehow–better watch your chair
Dave. Just kidding!

Rx: What do you think of the other “site-enhancement” products (as they are
called)? Why are they inferior to yours?

CC: I guess I answered this one already. The others products are inferior to
mine just for the fact that mostly idiots try to copy my product. Sorry if I
appear a bit cocky, but facts are facts.
If it weren’t for that particular
fact, all products would work equally well, right?

Rx: Are there any new “inventions” of yours on the horizon?

CC: Viewing the extreme wide scale of my horizon (JUST KIDDIN´), I can only say
“watch me” guys. There’s a lot to come!

Rx: Will you make a new and improved Synthol, or is it already perfect?

CC: Let’s put it this way: At this particular time in my life, the product I
produce is as perfect as can be. Viewed on a larger scale, I have to admit that
the Synthol of today is as perfect as the newest PC of today. This could mean
that today’s Synthol will be old news tomorrow. Let’s wait and see, Ok?

Rx: What, in your opinion, is the best way to use Synthol? How many times a week
should you apply it?

CC: Ok I do have to make a statement here: Pump N´ Pose, at least the product I
produce and sell, is not intended for parenteral injection. It is for topical
use only! Of course, I am not my brother’s keeper, so I cannot know, and really
do not want to know, what the “customer” is doing with whatever product they
purchase. In the case of Synthol, it is advisable to use the product on a 3
times per week schedule in small amounts up to 3 cc. After 3 weeks of this
dosing, the frequency of application has to be decreased to a twice a week
The most important tip I can give is to use the product over a
longer, at least 6-month, period. Sure, many of the readers will say now, ”He
is trying to push product?” But I say this for some very important reasons. I
will outline everything about site-enhancement in my soon-to-be-published book,

Site-Location Superhuman.

Rx: Are the results really permanent?

CC: Now we get to the
real meat, literally. Depending on the duration of application, the size
desired, factors such as diet, training, rest periods, application of different
growth drugs and the like, all the acquired size can be made into SOLID muscle
tissue. And, you do NOT need other growth drugs to get this effect!
And this is the truly significant fact about my invention! So basically, the answer to
your question is a simple, YES!

Rx: Are there any prohibited substances in your Synthol?

CC: No my product, the original Synthosizze HP Pump N´Pose now available as lot
number 877/9 does NOT contain any prohibited substances. I believe that it can
be purchased on your personal website,


Rx: Are there any health concerns related to your product?

CC: Just as above with my original product, none of the users worldwide
experience any kinds of health problems. Unfortunately, this does not hold true
for most of the copycats as they contain everything from industrial silicone,
to silly fish oils,
to whatever some “brain surgeon” thinks up to
improve “holding-time” as they call it. What a fucking stupid expression —

Rx: I heard that, a few years ago, you had kidney cancer and needed to have a kidney
removed. What caused that?

CC: You are right; several years ago I came down with cancer of my right
kidney. As a matter of fact, I was not too surprised when my doctor told me the
diagnosis. I had been in and out of the doctor’s office for a solid 3 years
with ever increasing back pain. The only answer this idiot doctor always gave
me was, “Well, that’s from training, or from your high protein intake, or
whatever fuckin’ excuse he could find in order to perform some kind of testing.
See, in Germany (especially countryside) being a bodybuilder means you are, for
sure, too stupid to sign your name. So it might happen that, being at some
office, when it comes time to sign some papers they shift over the stamp pad in
order for you to leave your fingerprint for verification. That’s unfortunately
no joke. If you’re a bodybuilder, they assume that you’re stupid and definitely
a criminal (i.e. pimp, drug-dealer). That’s how they treat you here. Anyways,
after 3 years of severe pain and uncountable bottles of painkillers or should I
say “bain-killers”, I finally went to the idiot’s office and threatened
him and told him to do whatever fuckin’ test he wanted. The rest is history. Some
months later, I went to the local hospital, which, at least in the urological
department, had a very good reputation throughout Europe (thanks to their boss,
Dr. Pinkenburg, MD). He told me what exactly was wrong and didn’t hesitate to
tell me that my chances are not too good. So, in light of the fact that I was
given a 5% survival-chance, I decided to take a private room (which you pay
extra for– a solid 286 bucks per night). I figured that I had a 95% chance to
get away with the bill, right? After nine days in the hospital I released
myself early (against the advice of Dr.Pinkenburg), realizing the fact that the
bill would indeed surely hit me. Fact of the matter is, no doctor in the world
could have connected my disease with my bodybuilding drug abuse. I had been on
GH and IGF-1 for three years straight plus all the other crap. The histological
estimation of the age of the tumor (which grew out of my right kidney straight
towards my liver and was removed with about 2mm of space between the tumor and
my liver) was approximately 3 years. So, make your own assumption
please. In the mean time, I also survived a very serious case of thrombosis of the
large hip-thigh vein on my right leg, which I am still fighting with.

Rx: In your opinion, which bodybuilder abuses Synthol the worst?

CC: I can’t tell you which bodybuilder abuses Synthol the worst; I am just
amazed how many bodybuilders, amateurs and pros, use it so damn well. If I look
at some guys, I know WHO is “cooking my soup”– trust me! The few freaks on
which you do see what’s “cooking”, I wouldn’t call them bodybuilders.
Bodybuilding is about sculpting the PERFECT body, not outgrowing your front-door tree with
the size of your arms.
But I do like the freaks; just for the fact that they do
what they do and do it extremely well too. Bodybuilders? No, that’s not what
those people are.

Rx: Have you helped train or advice any well-known bodybuilders?

CC: If I had a penny for every bodybuilder I helped, directly or indirectly, I
am sure I’d be your boss, respectively; I wouldn’t have to work anymore. The
unfair matter about this is that I get calls at my home from all over the world
and all kinds of very well known top pros. At the FIBO, they are all friendly
but try to keep a certain distance from me. Behind closed doors, some would
kiss my feet, literally. But, no one would like to be seen with me. The only
guy who ever was really nice to me in public, at the FIBO in Essen, was Ken
“Flex” Wheeler. When he saw me standing in front of him, he pulled over a
second chair and I was sitting at the booth of his sponsor with him. I’ll never
forget this. Ken’s got some real backbone– a real “MAN”. When I go to
Gold’s in Venice, it always spreads like wildfire and everybody is my friend all of
a sudden. But, around contest time, I am a strict No-No for the same people.

Rx: What do you think about the current state of affairs in the world of bodybuilding?
What would you do to fix it?

CC: Bodybuilding has gone very far within the last 25 years even though it is
still the same guys from 10 years ago who are standing up on stage year after
year and winning or placing the same. We do not have set comparison-criteria in
bodybuilding. It is all a matter of taste who will win or loose. Just imagine
you’ve got 7 judges (3 homosexuals, 3 lesbians, and one straight judge). Don’t
get me wrong; being homosexual or lesbian is OK in my book. But tell me, who is
going to judge objectively?
At the moment, Germany has strong competitors in
Dennis Wolf and Markus Ruehl just to name a few. And we do have a huge pool of
good bodybuilders coming up in the years to come. But I think, like for
instance in Formula 1 racing, the contests like Mr.O should be held at
different locations in order to give each of the competitors from around the
planet the chance to be the “homeboy” at least once in their career. The
Americans do have a very strong lobby in their own country. Also, I believe
such practise would help to commercialize the sport of bodybuilding better and
would give the top dogs a better chance of earning the kind of living they
deserve since they are essentially risking their lives to compete. Of course,
the audiences at the contests want to see more and more beef on stage and the
bodybuilders tend to accept this hunger for more mass and go far beyond what is
good or healthy. But, the average “Joe-blow” doesn’t know anything about
what these guys are going through
to deliver what the fans expect. And I’m
not even mentioning the financial aspects of this whole ball game.

Rx: Do you have a website or an email address for people to contact you?

CC: Well, Yes I do have a website. The address is
The best way to catch me is via my website to find on my

Rx: Would you like to add anything or “plug” anything?

CC: I would like to thank you for the chance to do this interview and speak my
mind. And I’d like to see more friendship and respect for each other,
especially on the pro level. There is a lot of negative gossip out there. What
the fuck is wrong with you guys? We are all sitting in the same boat, but all
steering in a different direction. We need to join forces and use the media FOR
ourselves, all together. Then, we wouldn’t see guys die trying to perfect their
physiques, or go flat broke.

Catch me if you can, thanks, yours Chris