Positive Effects of Synthol

positive effects of synthol


The Synthol™ muscle enhancement oil concept first appeared on the scene around 1980 when the cultist bodybuilders were using an anabolic steroid named Esiclene. Compared to other products, Esiclene didn’t produce massive effects of overall muscle growth, but instead localized, which was a property that made it so attractive. Bodybuilders were attempting to produce a local inflammation in the targeted zone which lasted around a week long. The idea of a product for localized muscle growth,  never really researched.

How do Site Enhancement Oils Work?

Unfortunately, much of that information is proprietary. Although many sellers offer a comparable product, the only 2 products used among the professional bodybuilding circuit, Synthobolic® and Synthrol-877™. Long term use of Synthol™ will dissipate within months. During this time, they haven’t produced any pain or irriation to the muscle. Muscle enhancement oils act just long enough for the fascia to stretch. As they dissipate, the `space’ left by them, replaced with new muscle tissue growth making it 100% safe to use. The reason why when x-rays/MRIs performed on some of the people that have 25″+ arms. No pockets found in the bicep region. Proper massaging will increase blood flow to the muscle allowing for further growth.

Through experiments, it has been discovered that Esiclene was giving the best results for small groups. Like biceps, triceps, shoulder or leg. It is said that it was giving a tougher aspect of the muscle. Many competitions were won by athletes which used this amazing product. The issue with Esiclene was that it was causing painful inflammation in the areas of use.

Pump and Pose

As time passed, Esiclene began harder and harder to be found, and eventually it was off the market. At the beginning of 1990, the cultist Chris Clark has made a mixture which he named “pump and pose”.

The base blend of pump and pose was 85% oil, 7,5% lidocaine and 7,5% alcohol in order to maintain a sterilized mixture. Along the growth of the muscle mass by applying this oil, the tissue also grows which covers the muscle. This tissue stops the muscles from growing over a specific length. The pump and pose product was short lived. Synthol™ was modified to a final preparation that finally appealed to ALL bodybuilders at the professional level. That was the moment that it became mainstream.

Steroid user
Steroid user

Synthol™, Muscle Enhancer Oil,  and Safety

The good news, to date, no medical evidence for negative effects of synthol™ documented. Furthermore, almost no cases reports related to complications in users. In one of the rare case studies of a body builder using Synthol™, use linked to complications such as muscle pain and muscular fibrosis. Synthol™ gives bodybuilders a way to rectify perceived shortcomings in particular muscles or muscle groups. Suggested use, and completely safe when used correctly.

It is attractive to most pro level bodybuilders who use it very responsibly . Although others may see Synthol™ use as risky and pointless, it is not true as it leads to realistic muscle growth. Reasons for continued use are completely suggested, and to our knowledge there are no published studies which determined Synthol™ is harmful when used correctly.


There is no illegal steroids or banned substances in Synthol™. This is 1 more reason that you MUST purchase your product from a reliable seller. It is the safest and the best one you will ever find or be able to use. I recommend you use it daily in order to get the best results. If you are a competitor, you should use it exactly before the competition in order to get the best appearance.