Apex Pharmaceuticals

Cosmostan 80/20 by Apex Pharmaceuticals – (DISCONTNUED)

Cosmostan was an Illegal  “Anabolic Synthol” Product Because It Contained Banned Ingredients


Anabolic Synthol

Cosmostan was once regarded as a high quality product, however it was banned for sale in America due to the ingredients. Cosmostan was manufactured by Apex Pharmaceuticals.

Cosmostan 80/20 was supplied in a clear 100ml vial. The ingredients are listed as the following;

Contents: 80% Medium-Chain Triglyceride (60/40) 10% Testosterone Propionate 50mg 5% Trenbolone Acetate 75 mg 5% Benzyl Alcohol & Lidocaine

Product Description (Provided By The Manufacturer)

Cosmostan is an intramuscular oil for cosmetic muscular enlargement and permanent muscle site growth.Also contains anabolic steroids.It must be injected deep into the belly of the muscle. The added Collagen is designed to hold the swelling effects within the muscle giving longer lasting effects.

How to use Cosmostan

Site locating is no different than injecting into your glutes or quads. Some smaller muscle groups can be slightly more painful than larger muscle groups.

Once you are use to site injecting and gain more experience the fear of site locating injections will soon disappear, just like when you first gave yourself an IM shot, it simply becomes second nature after a while.

Needle Sizes for Site Enhancement Oil

The needle size will depend very much upon your overall muscle mass in the area you are site locating injections. As a rule you should use a blue needle (small gauge) for smaller muscle groups like biceps, triceps, calfs, delts and traps. A green needle (larger gauge) can be used on larger muscle groups like quads and lats.

As a rule a lean 220lbs bodybuilder would use 2 – 3 ml per muscle group every 3 – 4 days over a 3 – 4 week period.

First timers are advised to use 1ml per muscle group and increase the size of the injections once you feel more confident.

Remember if you inject 3 ml into your left bicep, etc you will need to use the same amount in your right bicep, etc otherwise you will have an uneven look to your physique.

*This information is used for informational/educational purposes only.