Fake synthol floods the eBay market. Many companies looking for a quick buck, sell knock off of the real product. Counterfeit synthol, dangerous and made by companies not knowing the proper safe ingredients. When purchasing synthol, best to do your research. Buy direct from the manufacture, or company that produces synthol. That way, you know the product you receive is the actual product. Not some cheap knock off.

Synthol Danger

Counterfeit Synthol on Amazon.it

Fake Synthol EsikClean Posing Oil on Amazon.com The packaging looks good. Clearly they spent extra for packaging, but the product lacks r eal ingredients. “REAL” esikclean can be seen at ZoeLabs.com and CrazyMass.com. The FAKE is being sold at https://www.amazon.it/Synthol-ESIKclean-Posing-Oil/dp/B07259236M This counterfeiting ring sells knockoff of all of their products. Here is a list of …

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Synthol Danger

US-Supplements Posing Oils

Fake Synthol by US-Supplements.com (Counterfeit Look-alike) The product on the right is REAL (see at SyntholRx.com). The product to the left is a fake look alike. List Of Fake Synthol Being Distributed By US-Supplements.com The sellers below are the currently reported counterfeiters of Synthol products. He now sells Synthol primarily on Amazon at https://www.amazon.de/Synthol-Greyhounds-Oil/dp/B06XF6JL86 https://www.instagram.com/synthol_by_chris_clark/ …

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