Many reasons why discontinued synthol happens. Usually a banned ingredient, a typical reason.Sometimes companies just go out of business. Also, synthol use leads to a laundry list of medical problems. Ranging from the growths busting through the user’s skin to potential death. Professional bodybuilders, known for disregarding their health in favor of short-term gains. So coming as no surprise that synthol is being used professionally. What’s more shocking, the striking photos of amateurs and non-bodybuilders who use the stuff. Some of these users don’t work out at all but inject their traps, biceps, and pecs with synthol to give a truly disturbing aesthetic.

Cosmostan 80/20 by Apex Pharmaceuticals

Cosmostan 80/20 by Apex Pharmaceuticals – GOOD – (DISCONTNUED) Cosmostan was a legitimate “Anabolic Synthol” Product   Cosmostan was a high quality product, however it was banned for sale in America due to the ingredients. Cosmostan was manufactured by Apex Pharmaceuticals. http://apexpharmagroup.com/main.html

Elite Syntol by Biomas

Elite Syntol By Biomas

Elite Syntol Has Been Discontinued Elite Syntol was developed by BIOMAS Pharmaceuticals Industries. This company was established at the start of 2007. From a beginning, heavily focused on providing bodybuilding and fitness nutritional products that do work, the company has now positioned itself as the fastest growing nutritional supplement company in the world. BIOMAS Pharmaceuticals …

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