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Synthol Sold On Are All Counterfeit

Buying Synthol On AmazonThe products seen here are are sold by conterfeiters.

The synthol oil products sold on amazon looked identical to the real Synthol 877 product, but they are fakes. You can see examples of the counterfeits below.

The authentic synthol 877 can be purchased directly from the manufacturer at You can also verify the legitimacy of your product by going to

Note that “blind nutrition” was associated with “us-supplements”. Us-Supplements has been a repeat counterfeiter for years. They were banned from eBay entirely.

Currently, counterfeiting ring presiously  sold knockoffs of all of bodybuilding products on ebay, but ebay did eventually ban them. Here is a list of ebay stores that were LEGALLY shutdown due to counterfeiting.1.

The Original Product

Real vs Fake Synthol 877

The legitimately branded product can be seen at There only 1 AUTHORIZED seller on ebay. All versions offered on Amazon are knock-offs.